Member list: Consult Fee

March 27, 2024
User ID Do you currently charge a consult fee? If yes, what do you charge?
Tyler Link No
Michael Emanuele No
Jacobus Grobler No
Daniel Janise Yes $1500
Michael Jochum No
Al Aldrete Yes $500 for home repairs, $1,500 for remodels or a design investment based on a % of the ball park price.
Edward Torres Yes 100
Max Halberg Yes $1,000-$2,500
David Cook Yes 125
Dave Pilon Yes $500
James Coleman No
Nicholas Amoruso Yes 250.00
Eric Ernisse No
Ben Bryant No
Bo McDonald No
Nick Mele Yes 300
Brad Bouchard Yes 250
Dustin Cook Yes $500
Adriana Garcia No
Kelly Rothrock Yes 250
Joseph Arriaga Yes $250
Brian Lowery No
Isaac Leonorovitz Yes From $374 an on
Daniel Haynes Yes $500
Adam Godeke No
Chris Pierce Yes 150
Alexander Vostrikov No
Nick Mele Yes 300
Josh Heyman Heyman No
David Griffin Yes 1% of job total
Nancy Damiano No
Bridger Anderson No
Selina Ramon Ramon Yes 250
Clay Goad Yes 125
Joe Spak Yes $150
Roy Xavier Yes 300
Misael Ramon Yes 250
Sergio Villegas Yes 200
Ernesto Boulianne No
todd mesa Yes 200
Paul Bremner Yes Depends on the size of the project 500-1000
Garry Reisky Yes 250
Luke Thompson Yes 300
Darren Dixson No
Carson Toland Yes 100
Ryan Leslie Yes 250-500, sometimes
Matt Mora Yes 200
David Andersen Yes $3000 (it’s a design fee)
Andrei Girnet No
Ben Schaum Yes 150
Chad Stewart Yes 500
Mark Szabo Yes $499.00
Abed Shafiqi Yes $250
Roberto Rodriguez Yes $150
Randy Thomas No 75.00
Brendan Young No
Dace Kime Yes Depends on scope of work but $250-$1000
Isidor Siskos Yes $150
Derek Prince Yes $100
Brendan McKellar Yes Depends on job size and detail. $250-1,500.
Christian Palacios No
Jose Sebastian No
Peter Gorski No
Fighter Jablonski No
Richard Simmons Simmons Yes 500
Karl Kras Yes $ 375.00
Alex Larson Yes 250
Matt Garrett No
Greg Desilva Yes 250.00
Ruben Mendoza Yes 500
Dylan Aune No
Cory Bishop Yes depending on project…but $500
Ryan Manning Yes 100-300
Mira Frenkel Yes $100-$150
Gary Land Yes $300
Wes McGill No
Lindsey Kirchner Yes test
Cameron Ruddle Yes $500
Daniel Grinchak No
Alondra Haro No
Greg Junge Yes 350-500
Brian Kemnitz Yes I hesitate to say yes. I have just started testing this… so I’m not fully bought in yet?! I have put the consult fee out there 3 times so far @ $500 and was able to get a CC payment on 2 of those. The third is in the works, has said yes via text but is now ghosting me. LOL FYI I’m a painting contractor.
Alece Bruno Levings No 0
Scott Underwood No
Tim Abernathy No
Jaden Botbyl No
Luke Larson No
Luke Hass No
Chad Kundert Kundert No
Andy Webster Yes 500
Raymond Mertens Yes $250
Tim Carmody No I don’t have the balls to charge for the consult yet, but I charge for any design work needed.
Justin verville No
Adam Zopf No
Erik von Yes 400
Jim Cannon Yes $150.
Preston Billingsley No
Anthony Moses Yes $100
Bryan Robb No
Cesar Salazar Yes 300.00
Rob King No
Season Ryan No
Kaylan Barry No
Kevin Lea Yes 250
Bob Ligmanowski No
Franklin Tacuri No
Yes $500
Colleen Allen No
John David Holaway Yes 125 for detailed estimates
Ken Michaud Yes $250
Jon Swenson Yes $250
Travis Ashby No
Bryan Jones No
Danny Elias Yes between $250 and $500
Jenna Sarosi Yes 500
Daniel Bennett Yes 500
Mike Rudolph Yes $250
Dean Swanson No
Juan Lopez No
Luke Rivera No
Francisco Mier No
John Capozzi Yes minimum $95.00
Clayton Dick No
Vince Thompson Yes 250
Cory Gould No
Paul Argiro No
Shawn Hilton Yes $385
Kristi Shadid No
Collin SCHULZ No
Mike Stratton No
Scott Bungay Yes 150
Pat Johnston Yes 500
Cristal Toribio Yes 95
Chris Larson No
John R Stephenson No
Elvis Ndossimao No
Freddy Morocho Yes 250
Rick Mitchell Yes 250
Katherine Millard No
Keith Smart No
Jose Arvizu Yes $500
Aaron McGinnis Yes $4500 to 6000, depending on project
Tony Cordova No
Jonathan Garner Yes n/a
Colin Estes Yes 200
Shannon Lynch No
Charles Bumguardner Yes 250
Joseph Frei Yes 1000.00
Jessica Novak No
Brady Kumpula No
Connie Bunyard Yes 500-1500
Philip McBride Yes 250
Luke Kleiger No 500
Tiana Martinez No
Lorrie Chesky No
Tony Ruffin No
Gil Vaisman Yes I don’t always charge $500
Marat Grigoryan No
Jacob Marcatos No
Caden Kucaba Yes 250
Taylor Payne Yes $500
Kevin Mcspedon Yes 309
Dylan Chapman Yes $349
Neal Speakman No
Caleb Little Yes $100
Joe Averill No
Joshua Conable No
Ryan Vossebelt Yes service based buisness- we charge 350$ min per visit
Mark Rutigliano No
Reggie Grotewiel No
Sheila Konecke No
Johnny Troutman No
Rob Michanczyk Yes Depends on the size of the potential job
Joseph Pineda Yes $250.00
Braden Anderson No
Anton Briggs No
Alex Antle No
Aaron Ramirez No
Barrett Martin No
Shawn Foley Yes Yes we typically charge a consult fee but depends on how busy we are. If not that busy then we don’t charge or if its a commercial or B2B client that have provided plans and specifications we don’t charge, they won’t pay it.
John B. Walsh Yes $250, Typically with a prelude that if we agree to a scope of work that i will come to collect the deposit.
Andrew Millard No
Mike White Yes 65
Miguel Vigueras Yes 300 to 500
Sampson Hickox Yes 350
Kalvin Jones Yes 250
Tyler Julka No
Ray Ward No
Gerry Herrmann No
Jason Christian No
Sina Kamran Yes 500
Stephen Owers No
Jory Collette No
Mathew Tolman Yes $150-$1500
Sascha Porteous No
Andrew Nuhfer Yes 500
Byron Estey Yes 250
Meg Smeed Yes 500
Wahab Ghafari Yes 100
Lucas Wilson Yes 500
Alexa Casali Yes $300
Shaytoya Stresing Yes 500
Lee Weeks No
Kevin Brown Yes 1500
Jimmy Alekseenko No
Nestor Gutierrez No
Jamie Fahrendholz No
Justin Beam No
Rose Crow Yes 295
Joshua Hannum Yes 500 but haven’t needed it yet
Ian Cramer Yes $300